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We all love using no-prep speech therapy worksheets, right? Well, at least I do! Worksheets are perfect for those days when you just don’t have time to plan.

If you don’t have the time or money to print one for each student or if your students are getting bored with using the same ones over and over, try the suggestions below! They are ways that you can keep it fun and interactive for your students!

1. Dry-Erase Folders

One way that you can use worksheets is to put them in dry-erase folders and have the students draw or write on them with the dry erase markers.

For example, if you’re students are using a coloring worksheet, you can put it in a dry-erase folder.  Instead of coloring, you can have students follow directions such as, draw a red square around the cat before you draw a yellow circle, put an X on the dog.

2. Smash Mats

Another way to use worksheets is to again put them in dry-erase folders but use them as smash mats. Use Play-Doh and have students smash the Play-Doh on the different items.

You could also have students create the different items they see on the page. For example, if there is a cat on the page, they can create a little cat out of Play-Doh and place it on top of the cat.

3. Game Companions

Finally, you can use worksheets as game companions. Put them in dry-erase folders and write numbers next to each item on the worksheet.

If you’re using my articulation scenes worksheets, for example, take one scene and place 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 next to two different items on the sheet. When students are playing the game, they can take turns rolling the dice. Before taking their turn, they look at their sheet and say the required word five times or complete the language task. Then, they get to take their turn!

These are just a few different ways you can use speech therapy worksheets!

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