At the beginning of the school year, I like to do a free speech therapy worksheet activity to get to know my students, but also to have them think about what makes them special.

I use this one-page download that you can download for free! Use it anytime during the year to make sure that your students know why they’re special.

Encourages Self-Esteem

This activity encourages self-esteem and it also allows them to see how they are unique! It often helps to ask them each question out loud and have them think about it. They should respond out loud if they can and then write it out. Not only is it a good way to work on answering questions and grammar skills, but it’s a personal affirmation that they are saying out loud.

Target Skills

After they answer the questions out loud, have them either write the answer or draw it in the boxes. You can also ask them to describe what they’re drawing.

This project is great not only for following directions, describing, and answering questions but also for conversational skills. It’s important to help them gain confidence and realize why they’re special as well as talk to each other about why they’re special. It also gives students the opportunity to compare their answers with each other and learn about their peers. This is a great time to use comparing and contrasting skills!

Encourages Kindness

Finally, you can use this activity as a way to encourage kindness and social skills! Instead of having each student fill out their own worksheet, have them fill it out for one of their peers! They should fill out the ‘special’ question by themselves. They can ask their peer about the other questions if they don’t know the answers.

It’s such a cool way to see your students demonstrate kindness. The smiles and pride that you will see come out of your students when their peers are saying nice things about them is truly magical.

Make sure to download the free speech therapy worksheet here! For more no-prep activities, make sure to check out the Speech Therapy Plans membership!

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