As SLPs, we sometimes are looked down upon for using games in therapy. But as SLPs, we also know board games are great for articulation, social skills, receptive/expressive language, and the list goes on. What’s the best way to use these games for therapy? With speech therapy game companion mats!

I like to use board games, but I was also tired of trying to find flashcards or therapy materials that would go with EVERY SINGLE DIFFERENT board game.

I wanted an all-inclusive mat that I could use for all the board games that I utilize in therapy. So, I created the one-page board game companion. This speech tterapy game companion can be used with EVERY SINGLE GAME and activity that you do in therapy!

How the Speech Therapy Game Companion Works:

Dice Games

The one-page board game companion includes dice on each sheet with a variety of picture targets or word targets under each number. Students roll the dice, find one target word, complete the task and then finish their turn. Having dice on the mat allows you to use this game with Chutes & Ladders, Sorry!, Trouble & more!

Color Games

Each game companion mat also includes colors behind the dice. If you’re playing games like Candy Land or Hungry Hungry Hippos that involve colors, you can use the colors on the mat to easily choose the targets. For example, if your student picks a green card while playing Candy Land, they can choose one of the targets under the green section. You can even use these with choosing Play-Doh colors or Legos! Just have the students choose a color, complete the task under that color and play!

Shape Games

This one-page board game companion also features a section with squares, rectangles, and circles. This is great for games like Jenga, Connect 4, Don’t Break the Ice, Legos, Pop the Pig and more.

  • Jenga – While playing Jenga, students can lay each block on a rectangle and then complete the task for that target.
  • Connect 4 – Take 12 chips and put them on the circles on the board at the beginning of the game. As the students take them off, they need to complete the task under those specific words or pictures.
  • Don’t Break the Ice – As students knock down squares, place them on the mat and complete the task for the target on that square.
  • Legos – Place Legos on the mat prior to starting. Have students take the Legos off the mat, complete the task and then build!
  • Pop the Pig – Place the hamburgers on the mat prior to starting! Complete the tasks for each target as students take them off to feed Pop!

Speech Therapy Game Companion: Individualized Goals

There are so many different ways you can use these speech therapy game companion mats, and so many games you can use them with! They’re also great for mixed groups! Each student can have their own mat that is specific to the language or articulation skills they’re working on. No more coming up with targets for each student in each group! Let the mats do it for you!

I hope that you find new and interesting ways to use them and that you and your students really enjoy them throughout the entire year!

You can get these mats in my TPT store or within the Speech Therapy Plans membership! *With the Speech Therapy Plans membership, you can get mats for articulation, language, processes, fluency, social skills and Apraxia plus hundreds of other materials!

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