Provide your SLPs with the materials and caseload management system they need so that they can focus their attention on helping their students!

Join schools & districts across the US in empowering SLPs to be their best!

An all-in-one HIPAA compliant site for SLPs!

Your SLPs will be able to download hundreds of therapy materials and resources, easily plan their therapy, schedule their students,  collect data and easily use the data for billing!

"I have seen a lot of growth for my students with their speech and language goals."

"Speech Therapy Plans to the rescue!! It has saved me so much time in the planning process and I am forever grateful for the creativity it brings to my therapy sessions. My students love our sessions and feel so much more engaged with the exciting ways their therapy tasks are now presented to them.
Sarah W.
Texas SLP & STP Member

I Understand...

After a couple of years as an SLP, I was stressed-out, frustrated and, honestly, felt hopeless.

I was tired of spending time away from my family searching for individualized therapy materials. I was tired of staying after school just to log data and catch up on endless paperwork. I was stressed out because I always felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants!

That's why I set out to create Speech Therapy Plans...

A place where SLPs could go to find individualized therapy materials, access weekly therapy plans, collect data, easily bill Medicaid and being to find joy in their job again!



Your SLPs will save money because they will have access to over $2,000 worth of therapy materials! 

Types of Materials

Book Companions

No Prep



No Print



Progress Monitoring

Skills Targeted







Social Skills



Planning management system

Your SLPs will save time because they will be able to plan one month of therapy in 10 minutes!

  • Easily add materials right from the Materials Library into the calendar! 
  • Quickly filter through over 700 therapy materials to find exactly what they need!
  • Each day, they can easily click the plan and download right from their calendar!


Your SLPs will feel relaxed and prepared because they will have pre-made plans at their fingertips!

  • Different plans for Pre-K through 8th grade!
  • Two sessions per week with four weeks each month!
  • Each session includes directions, suggestions, materials and video tutorials! 
  • Tutorial videos to show how I use the materials in therapy!
  • Monthly themed word lists to use in therapy! 
  • Variety of materials including book companions, theme-based, no prep and more! 
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CASELOAD management system

They will feel organized and efficient because they will be able to quickly schedule students, take efficient data and easily bill Medicaid!

  • They will use our goal generator to create student goals!
  • Easily schedule their students and groups!
  • Quickly take daily data for each student session!
  • Copy and paste data right into the billing system!

"Before Speech Therapy Plans, I was struggling to plan effectively and efficiently for mixed groups."

"When I joined Speech Therapy Plans, it helped me to organize my favorite materials and activities into groups by level and function, stay organized and feel prepared for any group. I love that I can go into the data base and quickly find something for any student on my caseload. I am very happy that I joined Speech Therapy Plans as it has given me peace of mind that I will always have appropriate, efficient, and effective plans that students will enjoy and learn from."
Heather H.
Maryland SLP & STP Member

Help them rediscover their passion and enthusiasm!

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