Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Need more help?

A: Go to our Support Page for FAQs, tutorials, contact information and more!

Q: What skills are included?

A: Articulation, language, social skills, fluency, phonological processes, Apraxia, and more!

Q: What kinds of payments do you accept?

A: Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Purchase Orders

Q: Do you accept school purchase orders?

A: Absolutely! If you want to use a purchase order, fill out the Purchase Order Form.

Q: I still have questions. Can I talk to someone?

A: Of course! Email me at

Q: Do you have literacy-based and theme-based materials?

A: Yes! Each monthly plan includes a variety of materials including literacy-based and theme-based ones.

Q: What ages are the materials geared towards?

A: Most of our materials can be used with PreK to 8th graders. We have limited materials for high school students.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: Of course! You can easily cancel your membership at any time by simply filling out our Cancellation Form.

Q: What types of materials are included?

A: No prep, no print, games, activities, crafts, book companions and more!

Q: Have a question that wasn’t answered?

A: Click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to contact us at any time!